I’m a teenager who’s decided to broaden my literary knowledge by reading the Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels.

I am going to read all 100 (actually 121 including two trilogies, two tetralogies, and one series of 12) books in the Modern Library’s list, along with all of the books in the Radcliffe Publishing Course’s Rival 100 Best Novels list that are not in the Modern Library’s list.  This comes out to 176 novels/novellas/short stories.  Since this will take a while, I don’t have a time limit, however I will post how many hours of reading time it takes me and a short, non-spoiler, plot summary and a review.  I will start with 100 and go to 1 (except for THE RAINBOW and WOMEN IN LOVE, numbers 48 and 49 respectively, since WOMEN IN LOVE is a sequel to THE RAINBOW) and then go from the lowest to highest in the Radcliffe list.  I will not analyze beyond the obvious themes, because frankly, if I am going to read 176 of the world’s greatest books (don’t make me write novels/novellas/short stories again) I don’t want to delve into the most complicated crevices of understanding the books.

My twitter can be found at https://twitter.com/#!/aroundtheML and I will post every time I have a new book review, and maybe random posts.

  1. I love the concept of your blog! I’ll be reading along.

  2. I admire you and I hope you have fun. It has always been a dream of mine to read through a list of books, or all the books in the library, but that hasn’t happened yet.

  3. What a great idea. I shall be eagerly watching for your posts .

  4. Good luck with this endeavor. However, you only have 176 books to read. Browsing the list, I saw that you have Lord of the Flies, Howard’s End, and Wide Sargasso Sea in both the ML and Radcliffe lists (didn’t see any other duplicates).

    I would suggest, though, that you don’t try to stay too strict on the order you plan to read. If you’ve been reading heavy stuff and want a break, maybe grab one of the easier reads (Call of the Wild, Hitchhiker’s Guide, Charlotte’s Web, or whatever).

  5. Thanks all of you, I’m pretty excited to start!

    Thank you a ton bge, as I would not have caught that for quite some time. I hope that I didn’t accidentally delete one from the Radcliffe list that wasn’t on ML. I may break the order every once in a while, but for the most part I am trying to stay in order. Good suggestion though, I may do that especially nearing the end of the Modern Library list.

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