Here We Go

As soon as I finish my extra credit assignment for AP literature I will begin THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS, which CR is already more than 40% in to due to the fact that she did not have to read LIGHT IN AUGUST for school. Good story, good messages, awful read. The parts with Joe Christmas were extremely long, and very rambling. I’ll read it again, and express my distaste for Joe Christmas’s sections again in more detail.

My extra credit assignment was to do a book card (Basically analyzing the entire book’s setting, themes, plot summary, literary devices, critical reviews, etc.) and I got to pick a book from the AP literature reading list. I picked Candide by Voltaire, and let me say, it is hilarious. That was the second book ever I have laughed audibly, more than once or twice. It’s short, and hilarious, and awesome. Go read it, as it will only take a couple of hours at most. If you don’t find it funny, then I’m pretty sure you aren’t human…

I’ll update this once I start.

Update: I’ve now begun the book, but I may have a very irritated review since I have to read it on my iPhone… Despite the fact that paper versions are about 230 pages, the iBook app has it at something like 1500, so I have to flip the “page” around 6 times more per real page. Yes I actually did math on my reading site, that is your daily math lesson.

You’re welcome,



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  1. I found your blog via and thay recommended your book list –can you do mea favor and link to the 176 book list on your next post? Thanks!

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